Mathematical Handbook

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Mathematics is the basic tool for scientific analysis of everything in the real world. The aim of this book is to offer precise, reliable, highly organized, and easily accessible information about mathematical definitions, properties, formulas, and methods for a wide range of topics.

More generally, this Mathematical Handbook is a portal of reference in mathematics. In the 340 pages of part A, this handbook covers algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus, series, Fourier series, vector analysis, probability and statistics, and other areas of mathematics. In part B, a summary is presented in 80 pages, with an emphasis of basic material.

About 500 icons connect part A to part C, which is accessible through the Internet. A total of more than 1000 pages of mathematical knowledge are available to the user. More extensions are given in part D. The whole book is designed to be a helpful lifetime companion for anyone who uses mathematics; a student, a professional, or an occasional user. It is an expanding “Alive Book”.

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