The Basic Principles Of IFOES

IFOES (International, Free, and Open Educational System) is basically an EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM since its central purpose is to educate and train people. It is INTERNATIONAL, in the sense that it offers education and/or training to anyone through Internet and other means available anywhere on Earth. It is not connected to or supported by any particular educational institution and is not subject to any local or national regulations, so it is FREE to develop its own structure and shape, its own rules. Furthermore, it is OPEN to students who want to follow its courses and to teachers, groups of instructors or educational institutions who want to participate in delivering courses on any subject.

The evolution of IFOES is and will be based on the principle of "high quality and low cost" educational services. In the societies of the 20th and 21st centuries, it is more and more widely accepted that education, training, and transfer of knowledge are among the basic human rights of all people. Consequently, we have to build educational systems that offer education to all humans who have the desire and/or the need to learn. For this reason we have to re-examine the public and private educational systems adopted in previous centuries and use modern technology to offer to anyone the education he wants, that is education on the subject he chooses, when he wants it and at the lowest possible cost.

In the following pages we begin by writing (and generally constructing) books appropriate for international and modern education. Again, high quality and low cost determine the objective, but the method of approach is under continuous examination and reconstruction. The first book, Mathematical Handbook, is offered as a prototype of a new kind of books. The second book, Classical Mechanics, is at the first stages of writing and will be offered through these pages, chapter after chapter as it progresses.

All the above are subject to the desires, the needs and the rules of our international society as shaped by human nature and the evolving modern technology.