Alive Books®

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An “Alive Book” is a book that is constantly growing and evolving in space and time. It consists of four parts: A, B, C, and D. Parts A and B are printed books, while parts C and D are in electronic form.

Part A is a regular size book in full color. It contains the full presentation of the complete subject. It also contains icons that represent links to additions in part C. The purpose of part A is to present the whole subject in a detailed and highly absorbable form.

Part B is a small book also printed in color. It contains a summary of the main points of the subject title. The purpose of part B is to present the subject in a concise form for review purposes or as a fast reference.

Part C contains additional fixed material in electronic files. All of these additions are available to the user through the Internet upon their request. The purpose of part C is to provide more information to the user.

Part D contains material that is continuously changing, as well as links to related content on the Internet. Part D is made available to users through the Internet. The purpose of part D is to keep the whole book up to date.

Alive Books® are designed with one main objective: to facilitate learning. They cover the subject in a way that satisfies the needs of students and professionals from elementary to advanced levels.